Synthetic Resins in Bean Bags for Tots. Are they safe?

Baby Bean Bag

Bean bags are some of the most common pieces of furniture for both adults and children. Baby bean bags cater to the babies of individuals seeking a unique, soft and comfortable solution to their baby’s chair needs. These miniature bean bags today feature unique safety features such as straps to ensure that children are secure on the chair and cannot accidentally fall off. However, there are now questions as to the safety of products contained inside bean bags.

Components of Bean Bags

Just like all other bean bags, the most common material used inside of baby bean bags is polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC, polystyrene, or Styrofoam. These synthetic resins fall under the category of thermoplastic resins and are a form of plastic material that is highly resistant to damage.

Possible Hazards from Synthetic Resins
  1. Many baby bean bags feature zips that allow users to change the outer covering during washes. The zips can cause injury as babies are prone to fiddling with and playing with nearby items including zips.
  2. The fact that the outer covering can be removed is another concern as it leaves the bean bag vulnerable to damage. The remaining lining is light in texture and can easily rip therefore exposing the particles and leading to possible ingestion by children. The particles of synthetic resins can be a choking hazard for small babies. They are small and are easy to pick up therefore increasing the risk of children ingesting the harmful material.
There’s Hope!

Despite the possible hazards, there is no proof that baby bean bags have had such negative effects. In fact, the product features different safety measures to ensure that babies are protected from issues such as accidental ingestion of beans. The popularity of the baby bean bag shows that these concerns may not be valid.